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Aged & Charred - Wood Chip Bundle - Fruit Four Pack

Aged & Charred - Wood Chip Bundle - Fruit Four Pack

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Our Fruit Wood Chip Bundle includes four unique wood types: apple, cherry, pear, and peach.  Each type of wood provides a unique flavor and aroma for your cocktail.

  • Each container is 2oz which provides enough wood chips to infuse over 100 cocktails; That's 400+ bold and smokey cocktails!
  • The wood type options of apple, cherry, pear, and peach offer a perfect flavor variety to pair with various whiskey, bourbon, and rum cocktails
  • Each container includes a silica pack to keep the wood free of moisture so it is ready to burn quickly
  • Wood chips from Aged & Charred are optimally sized for burning efficiently and creating a rich plume of smoke
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