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Buff Queen Anne's Revenge Hot Sauce

Buff Queen Anne's Revenge Hot Sauce

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Key notes: Very hot, compounding heat, tangy, flavorful

Queen Anne's Revenge is the hottest in our flagship line up. It is 6x hotter than our O.G. recipe. It will definitely make you sweat! This sauce is our XXX recipe but with a double hit of our habanero and chipotle peppers. Only the strongest and bravest reach for this sauce, but when they do they are in for a delightful experience! This sauce will blow the doors off wings, chicken sandwiches, regular sandwiches, tacos, eggs, pizza, tenders, nuggets, MRE's....Pretty much everything.

So if you are looking for that perfect level of heat and flavor, go ahead and take Queen Anne's Revenge for a spin around the block.

Ingredients: Aged cayenne pepper sauce, butter, distilled vinegar, smoked pepper blend, garlic powder, onion powder.

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